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House Parents serve a vital role in helping to fulfill the mission of H3C. Our homes are designed to serve up to five kids. Wrap-around care is tailored to the needs of each home to make caring for the needs of vulnerable children more sustainable. 

We are currently looking for a married couple who feels called to care for children on a full-time basis by living in one of our homes. House Parents must meet three criteria to be considered:

1 -  Must be licensed by the county the home is located in or be willing to get licensed by that county.  

2 - Must be married with no dependent children of their own living in the home.

3 - One parent must be willing to not work outside the home.

If you meet this criteria and are interested in serving as House Parents in one of our H3C Homes, please complete the form below and someone from H3C will be in touch.


We understand that caring for the needs of kids can be a challenging task. Our model is uniquely designed to help make foster care more sustainable for the those willing to step into this role. Our commitment to our House Parents includes:

  • Housing - we recognize that affordable housing that is suitable for caring for several kids is a challenge, so our homes are offered to our House Parents at no cost.

  • Support - we are committed to proving wrap-around care tailor fit to the needs of each home. This care can include childcare, home maintenance, meals, etc.

  • Resources - we recognize with each kid comes needs and we are committed to help provide for those needs.


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