Today in Buncombe and Madison counties, approximately 400 vulnerable children need a loving home.

Due to a shortage of foster parents, most sibling groups are separated and placed in different homes, often in separate locations throughout the state.



Offer a safe HOME where house parents can care for sibling groups


Provide a family-like environment where children experience the LOVE and HOPE of Christ


Coordinate wrap-around care to ensure HEALING and prepare children for reunification or adoption


We envision working collectively to promote hope and healing.

H3C's desire is to surround children with love and support. With a shared sense of responsibility, the community, the church and relevant service agencies work together to care for children in their undeserved circumstances.


We are not all called to do the same thing, but we are all capable of doing something! Through wrap-around care, everyone can make a difference.

Wrap-around care equips and empowers others to join foster and adoptive families in caring for vulnerable children.


H3C coordinates care by providing housing for fostering sibling groups, supporting and equipping house parents, and pairing each home with Care Communities.


This coordinated care promotes hope and healing and sustains the calling of foster and adoptive parents.


H3C has been given ten acres of land to build homes for future house parents and sibling groups.

Phase one of H3C’s development plan includes fundraising to build homes on this property.

Partner with H3Collective to provide homes of hope and healing for vulnerable children.